According to Maria Montessori :

  1. Never touch the child unless he or she invites you (in one way or another).
  2. Never speak ill of a child before him or in his absence.
  3. Focus your effort to strengthen and help the development of what is positive in the child.
  4. Put all your energy into the preparation of the medium, take care regularly in a meticulous way. Help the child establish a good relationship with the environment. Show him where the material is stowed and tell him how he should use it.
  5. Always be ready to answer the call of the child who needs you, listen and always respond to the child who is using you.
  6. Respect the child who makes a mistake and who can either correct himself or herself at the moment, but immediately stop any misuse of the equipment and any action that endangers the child, his or her development or other children.
  7. Respect the child who is resting or watching others work, or think about what he has done or will do. Do not call him and do not force him into another form of activity.
  8. Help those who are looking for an activity and can not find it.
  9. Tirelessly present activities to the child who has refused them before; Help him constantly to acquire what he does not yet have, and to overcome his imperfections, do all this by animating the environment with care: by deliberately having a reserved attitude, using amiable words; And being a loving presence. Make your presence and your availability felt by the seeking child, and remain hidden from the one who has already found.
  10. Treat the child with the utmost politeness and offer him the best of what you have.