« Do not raise our children for the world of today. This world will no longer exist when they are older. And nothing can allow us to know which world will be theirs. So let us teach them to adapt. »

Maria Montessori

Our school is based on the scientific teaching of Dr. Maria Montessori. It offers an individualized educational environment where each child is welcomed as a unique person, allowing him / her to discover and develop his / her abilities and potential.
The bilingual environment we offer allows children to be exposed to English on a daily basis by immersion, with language learning taking place in a progressive and natural way, through daily exchanges, songs, stories, etc.
Our class of 3 to 6 year olds is guided by two educators, one Francophone and one Anglophone.
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The educational response to the absorbing mind of the child consists of indirect help through the preparation of an environment adapted to the size and strength of the child inviting it to self-activity through the setting Available for development material.
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The school is located in the green heart of Meylan, near Grenoble, in a quiet and pleasant environment. It is perfectly connected by public transport and easily accessible by car.
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The educational material offered at the children's house is a development material conducive to self-education, a term used by Maria Montessori because the material is not an aid for the educator but an aid for the child.
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The Montessori Bilingual School, Les Voyelles Colorées, welcomes children 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, according to the school calendar from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The extracurricular is assured from 16h30 to 18h.
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